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All About Pitta Dosha

Pitta dominating people are of medium built athletic body, stable weight, hot skin, very sensitive to the sun, freckles or moles all over the body, clear and delicate eyes. Generally blond, redheaded, get bald or grey earlier in their life. Endowed with a very sharp intellect, an alert mind and a great attentive capacity, ambitious, competitive, perfectionists, obsessively meticulous with a strict routine, very punctual, they get irritated easily if there is a delay in the food. They have a very good appetite, excellent digestive fire. Pitta people are born leaders, pioneers, strong will power, good speakers, great deductive capability, courageous, problem solver, love to command although it can be hard to be under the direction of an intolerant Pitta, as they are criticizing and irritable.The warm climates don't favor them, they usually perspire profusely and sometimes with bad body odor, they don't generally use blankets in the winters and they adore the air condition.The cold climates balance them as well as the aquatic sports.

They lose their patience quickly and when they get angry they can be very aggressive although they repent later, but they find difficult to control their innate fire.

When they are unbalanced they incline to the irritability, the skin disorders (rashes, acne), inflammation, diarrhea, suffer from hot body, acidity, they develop gastritis or ulcer, eyesight problems, they appear gray-headed or bald sooner then the others.

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