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​            VATA                                    PITTA                                 KAPHA

Vata people are of dark complexion, dry skin, fine hair and brittle fingernails, and they hardly have  hair on thier body. Their extremities tends to be cold and they hate the dry and cold climates. ​

They get bored with easiness, whatever they determine they hardly finish, commonly they leave everything in the middle. They are very sensitive to the pain, they have a tendency towards rigidity, to the muscular contractions, noisy articulations, gases, constipation.  ​
They have a great mental agility that allows them to capture any new information quickly, but with the same speed they also tend to forget the things. They are social, very creative and if they get angry for something they forget it with easiness.
They are very active, they love to speak, they have  restless mind, for that they have tendencies towards insomnia. ​





Pitta people are people of medium built physically, well formed and athletic body, of stable weight, hot skin, very sensitive to the sun, with freckles or moles all over the body, clear and delicate eyes.      

They Generally blond or redheaded, they usually get bald or gray earlier in their life. Endowed with a very sharp intellect, an alert mind and a great attentive capacity.

They are highly competitive  people, perfectionists, obsessively meticulous that follow a strict routine, very punctual, they don't like to wait, they get irritated easily if there is a delay in the food.
They are very ambitious, they pursue their objective with an admirable perseverance and commonly they are successful people.
They are very passionate in almost everything that they do, ie.- in the work, the sports, the sex.
When they get angry they are usually very resentful and they find difficult to forgive.

Kapha people  are big and very solid physically and possess a  strong and heavy skeleton, they have a lot of resistance.

They have a  calm and relaxed temperament and a very stable mind.

The hair is also oily, abundant, thick and shiny. They have a lot of corporal body hair and they don't usually perspire so much.
They are of white, smooth and very soft, cold skin and with tendency to the gratitude. They have big and attractive eyes, the conjunctive is very white with long and dark eyelashes. ​
They can have a wide nose and fleshy lips. The hands are big and pale nails, very resistant, the tendons and the veins are not visible, the articulations are soft and well lubricated. Their nature is very sweet, soft mannered, they have a lot of patience and hardly get angry. Tolerant, they forgive with easiness. They are basically slow in all aspects: slow to walk, to capture new information, to digest the food, to move in general.









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