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All About Kapha Dosha

Water and Earth element

Kapha people are big and very solid physically and possess a strong and heavy skeleton. Physically they have abundant, thick, oily and shiny hair, and they don't usually perspire so much, big attractive eyes, long dark eyelashes, smooth and very soft cold skin, a wide nose and fleshy lips, big hands and pale nails, soft and well lubricated articulations. They are sweet, soft mannered a calm, tolerant, lots of patience and hardly get angry, relaxed temperament and a very stable mind, good parents, loving, caring and responsible.

They are little slow in all aspects slow to walk, capture new information, digestion, movement in general, understanding but impressive long term memory, love to sleep, difficult getting up in the morning & eat. They gain weight easily and difficult to lose. They have excellent senses of the pleasure and the smell. Although for them it is enough to eat small quantities but since they enjoy the food so much that they usually exceed and tend to be heavy and sleepy after eating. They need a lot of incentive to undertake a project or to begin any activity, but once they start they have a lot of endurance. When out of balance they are prone to obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, retention of liquids and problems related with excessive mucus production, sinusitis, bronchitis, naps during the day, fall in deep depressions. They are very attached, possessive and find difficult in adapting to the changes. Generally Kapha need warmth, they are very uncomfortable in cold and humid climate.

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