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Pungent, astringent, and hot and it has pungent postdigestive effect; it balances vata and kapha and in excess increases pitta. In India, it is considered as a sacred plant and sattvic, since it is said that it stimulates devotion feelings, compassion, and faith. In India in each house one can find a plant of tulsi (basil) due to its purifying properties. For a better mental clarity, it can be taken sweetened with honey. In case of skin infections, fresh juice of the leaves can be applied on the affected area. It is used in bronchitis, sinuses congestion, breathing problems, fever, cold and cough, removing excess of kapha, and ease breathing. It also removes vata when increased in colon, thus improving absorption and abdominal spasms. 

​- D I S C O V E R   A   B E T T E R   W A Y   T O   L I V E   A   L O N G    A N D   H E A L T H Y   L I F E  -
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