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Ginger is native rhizome of Asia and broadly used in India in cuisine and as medicine. The properties differ a lot depending if it is used fresh or in dry form. Fresh ginger is heavy, dry, strong, and pungent but with sweet postdigestive effect, therefore pitta does not get unbalanced and all the doshas can use it with ease.

Fresh ginger increases the digestive fire and people with slow digestion should take ginger in form of decoction or chewing a piece half an hour before lunch and dinner. It alleviates the abdominal distension due to gases.

Dry ginger is light, oleaginous, hot, and pungent, good for vata and kapha. 

  • Details

    Ingredients: Pure Ginger powder


    Dry ginger powder can used in making tea, adding to any hot dish while cooking to make it more digestive and flavor, add to any sauce, cold drink or simply add it the water for its aroma.

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