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It is pungent, sweet, and astringent; it has hot and sweet postdigestive effect. It pacifies vata and kapha without increasing pitta if it is not used in excess. It promotes digestion and is carminative. Its aromatic oil is used in toothaches, migraines, and impotence. It is very effective in improving the circulation; it acts as a good expectorant in cold and bronchitis. It helps
absorption of complex herbal formulas. It is used in kidney conditions and hypertension, being diuretic in nature, helps in urinary disorders. It is used widely in Indian kitchen as one of the main spices for dessert and curries. 

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    Ingredients: Cinnamon Powder


    Cinnamon Powder can used in making tea, adding to any hot dish while cooking to make it more digestive and flavor, add to any sauce, cold drink or simply add it the water for its aroma.

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