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All about Vata - The Air Dosha

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

VATA governs all that is related with the activity and the movements including the body, mind, respiration, circulation, digestion and nueromuscular. It is responsible of transmiting the information and the nutrients in the organism and is the mobile force behind the other doshas. Because of its changing nature it is the only dosha which gets unbalance much easier then the rest.

They are of dark complexion, dry skin, fine hair and brittle fingernails, and they hardly have hair on thier body. Their extremities tends to be cold and they hate the dry and cold climates. ​

They get bored with easiness, whatever they determine they hardly finish, commonly they leave everything in the middle. They are very sensitive to the pain, they have a tendency towards rigidity, to the muscular contractions, noisy articulations, gases, constipation. ​They have a great mental agility that allows them to capture any new information quickly, but with the same speed they also tend to forget the things. They are social, very creative and if they get angry for something they forget it with easiness.They are very active, they love to speak, they have restless mind, for that they have tendencies towards insomnia. ​

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